Sharon Blalock and Krista Tillman, both from Charlotte, founded identiversity. They’ve combined their business operations, marketing, and community volunteer backgrounds to put together the identiversity team and ignite a one-of-a-kind community learning initiative.

Sharon has worked for years in marketing, public relations and sales in entertainment, as an entrepreneur, and in the nonprofit world. She helped launch proprietary entertainment concepts across the country, worked with some of the foremost names in the entertainment industry and has been responsible for the supervision of large diverse groups of employees.

Krista has an extensive corporate business background, including serving for 10 years as a corporate officer of a Fortune 50 technology company. She transitioned to academia and has served as an executive in residence at one of the largest campuses in the North Carolina university system. Krista is dedicated to community service, serving as a trustee and board member for a $3+B health system, various universities and civic organizations.

Chief Learning Officer

Kathleen Clark, PhD, is the Chief Learning Officer for Identiversity, Inc., taking the lead on developing the educational approach and resources that comprise the identiversity learning platform. Dr. Clark is also Research Faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her career in education has spanned more than 25 years, including 16 years as a faculty member at the University of Georgia, where her teaching and research focused on gender and race in the U.S. Dr. Clark holds a PhD in American Studies from Yale University, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Columbia University, and a BA from Princeton University.

Team Members

Kathleen Clark, PhD

Chief Learning Officer

Michael Dulin, MD, PhD

Research Advisor

Mary Johnson


Ryan Miller, PhD

Curriculum Advisor

Cherria Moore

Research Assistant

Steve Larson

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion

Rick McDermott

General Counsel

Ellen Harris


John Tinkelenberg


Season Jamison

Instructional Designer

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